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Supplier Diversity Business Development Program

Southern Company Gas recognizes the important contributions made by diverse businesses to our economy. We believe diverse businesses bring innovation, quality and overall competitive value to our organization. Because of our commitment to economic development and creating transparency we have established the Supplier Diversity Business Development Program (SDBDP).

The SDBD program is guided by Supplier Diversity’s mission to facilitate business success. This program is dedicated to helping businesses reach their goals through mentoring, individualized management consultations and education/training opportunities. Through our strategic partners we will provide guidance, resources, networking, encouragement and the expertise needed to improve businesses. Our program’s aim is to enrich companies in all areas necessary to advance their business growth. By working together, we will tap the strengths of diversity and help build better businesses.

Our program serves as a catalyst for business development using education, supportive networks and customized services to develop businesses. By participating in this program businesses will benefit from the knowledge, expertise and resources they will be given.

To participate in Southern Company Gas Business Development Program, please complete the application and assessment form.

Mentor Program
As a part of the SDBD program we have developed a Mentor Program. Our eighteen month program endeavors to provide transparency into our business and industry by providing minority and women-owned businesses with one-on-one mentoring. Our competitive selection process chooses the best candidates for our program that will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our subject matter experts. Our relationship mangers business knowledge and industry expertise will help diverse businesses acquire the knowledge needed to understand our business/industry and build capacity.

If you are interested in participating in Southern Company Gas mentor program and are a minority or women-owned business, please complete the mentor program application and assessment form.

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