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Energy Investments: JISH
NYSE: GAS  $65.97  -0.02
Jun 30 2016 4:00PM ET


Location: Erath, Louisiana
Capacity: Two caverns, 7.5 billion cubic feet working gas capacity. Pipelines: 16 miles of dual 16-inch pipelines that provide interchange capabilities for the facility's eight large-capacity interconnections.

Southern Company Gas' ownership of the JISH natural gas storage facility in the Gulf region adds diversity to our existing portfolio of natural gas distribution and other energy services.

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    Jefferson Island Storage and Hub

    About Jefferson Island Storage & Hub
    In October 2004, AGL Resources purchased Jefferson Island Storage & Hub (JISH) from American Electric Power. JISH is located in Erath, La., near the Henry Hub natural gas pipeline junction. The facility includes salt-dome storage caverns, which are one of the safest and best methods to protect against supply interruptions, mitigate high natural gas prices and accommodate production and increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports in the Gulf Coast.

    The purchase of JISH represents AGL Resources’ first ownership of a natural gas storage facility in the Gulf region, adding diversity to our existing portfolio of natural gas distribution and other energy services. JISH is operated by Pivotal Energy Development (Pivotal), the AGL Resources’ business unit responsible for acquiring, improving and operating non-utility natural gas assets.

    Location and Capacity
    Located near the Henry Hub, JISH consists of two salt dome storage caverns under Lake Peigneur in Iberia Parish and an associated compressor station in Vermilion Parish with 10 million decatherms (MMDths) # of total capacity, and roughly 7.2 MMDths of working gas capacity. JISH currently has 720 MDth/day withdrawal capacity and 360 MDth/day injection capacity.

    In addition to its proximity to the Henry Hub, JISH’s high-deliverability and capacity for multi-cycles per year make the facility a valuable resource in the nation’s natural gas supply network. Additionally, JISH helps mitigate peak demand and price volatility in regional and national natural gas markets. The facility is fully subscribed with customers utilizing firm, interruptible, wheeling, and park and loan services.

    JISH, an intrastate facility, provides storage and hub services through direct connection to the Henry Hub via Sabine Pipeline and eight other pipelines: Texas Gas Transmission; Columbia Gulf Transmission; Sea Robin Pipeline; Tennessee Gas Pipeline; Gulf South Pipeline; NGPL, Trunkline Gas Company, and CrossTex LIG.

    The facility's header system enables natural gas flow optimization. All of JISH’s interconnections have design capacities of at least 200 MDth/day and all but one is bi-directional for easy injection and convenient withdrawal capability. JISH also provides compression and 16 miles of dual 16-inch pipelines that provide interchange capabilities for the facility's eight large capacity interconnections.

    Used for more than 60 years to store hydrocarbon products, subterranean salt dome caverns act as impermeable sealed tanks thousands of feet below ground. They currently supply about 8 percent of the natural gas storage in the United States.

    As a part of AGL Resources, Pivotal brings an impressive safety record to JISH. For more than 150 years, AGL Resources has been providing reliable natural gas service and is recognized by the industry for its safety record.

    Expansion Plans
    AGL Resources’ acquisition of JISH in 2004 was a major step in the company’s strategic plan to provide a growing infrastructure of storage and transportation systems to meet the needs of customers.

    Almost immediately, JISH was successful in obtaining the necessary approvals to add 8,000 horsepower of compression capacity, which became operational in December 2005. Pivotal is now seeking to expand the salt caverns at the natural gas storage facility. An expanded JISH will be even more of a key factor in providing customers with reliable natural gas service to meet the growing needs of their clients.

    Project Approval
    The proposed expansion of JISH is currently undergoing review by state and federal agencies responsible for oversight and the issuance of permits required for construction and operation. In addition, JISH has implemented a community outreach and public information program.

    JISH has filed applications for permits for the expansion with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to perform dredging operations at Lake Peigneur. It has also filed with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to drill two new brine extraction caverns in Lake Peigneur; three brine disposal wells on the existing JISH property, as well as permits for fresh water wells. JISH has also submitted permit applications with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to construct and operate pipelines from the plant to the new wells.

    Organizations supporting the project:

    Pivotal's commercial activities focus on improving the economics of natural gas reliability and supply. Our services include: Firm Storage, Multiple Turn Service, Parking/Loaning, Wheeling, Peaking Service, Balancing, LNG Access, No-Notice. For more information on these services, please contact:

    Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC
    1200 Smith Street, Suite 900
    Houston, TX 77002
    ph. 832-397-1700
    fx. 832-397-3713

    Elsa Villarreal, Daily/Interruptible Services (832) 397-3895 | cell (713) 598-7065
    John Fortman, Director, Commercial Services (678) 245-7845
    Kevin Conneighton, Managing Director, Midstream (630) 245-7826

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