Left to right: Dennis M. Love; Charles R. Crisp; D. Raymond Riddle; Wyck A. Knox, Jr.; Sandra N. Bane; Charles H. McTier; Arthur E. Johnson; John W. Somerhalder II; James A. Rubright; Thomas D. Bell, Jr.; Bettina M. Whyte; Henry C. Wolf; Felker W. Ward, Jr.; and Dean R. O’Hare

Sandra N. Bane 1,2
Retired partner, KPMG LLP,
Pasadena, CA
Director since 2008

Thomas D. Bell, Jr. 2,4
Chairman of SecurAmerica LLC and
Vice Chairman of and partner in
Goddard Investment Group LLC,
Atlanta, GA
Director since 2004

Charles R. Crisp 2,4
Former President, Chief Executive
Officer, Coral Energy, LLC, a subsidiary
of Shell Oil Company
Houston, TX
Director since 2003

Arthur E. Johnson 2,3**,4
Former Senior Vice President,
Corporate Strategic Development,
Lockheed Martin Corporation,
Bethesda, MD
Director since 2002

Wyck A. Knox, Jr. 1, 5
Former partner in and Chairman
of the Executive Committee,
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP,
Augusta, GA
Director since 1998

Dennis M. Love 1, 3, 5*
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Printpack Inc.,
Atlanta, GA
Director since 1999

Charles H. “Pete” McTier 1, 5
Trustee and former President, the
Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, the
Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation,
the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation and
the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation,
Atlanta, GA
Director since 2006

Dean R. O’Hare 1, 5
Former Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer,
The Chubb Corporation,
Warren, NJ
Director since 2005

D. Raymond Riddle 4, 5
Former Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of National Service Industries Inc.,
Atlanta, GA
Director since 1978

James A. Rubright 2, 3, 4*
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Rock-Tenn Company,
Norcross, GA
Director since 2001

John W. Somerhalder II 3, 4
Chairman, President and Chief
Executive Officer,
AGL Resources Inc.,
Atlanta, GA
Director since 2006

Felker W. Ward, Jr. 1, 5
Managing Member Pinnacle
Investment Advisors, LLC,
Union City, GA
Director since 1988

Bettina M. Whyte 2*, 3, 4
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Bridge Associates, LLC,
New York, NY
Director since 2004

Henry C. Wolf 1*, 3, 5
Former Vice Chairman and Chief
Financial Officer, Norfolk Southern
Corporation, Norfolk, VA
Director since 2004

* Committee Chair
** Lead Director
1 Audit
2 Compensation and Management Development
3 Executive
4 Finance and Risk Management
5 Nominating, Governance and Corporate Responsibility

Under our bylaws, any director who attains his or her 75th birthday, shall thereafter, upon completion of the term for which he or she was elected, cease to be an active director. The terms of service for D. Raymond Riddle and Felker W. Ward, Jr. expire at the 2010 annual meeting because they each have attained their 75th birthday. The dedication, insight and extraordinary service of these gentlemen are greatly appreciated.